The Refresher

Found some light scratching on your car? Ready to sell your car for the best price? Exhaust tips looking dull? Stains in your interior? Headlights looking hazy?

The Refresher Package is for you!

What’s Included

  • Paint Decontamination (Clay Bar/Iron Removal
  • Deep Wheel Clean
  • “Light Cut” Paint Correction
  • Interior Steam Clean Detail
  • 1-Step Exhaust Tip Polish

Base Pricing

  • $299.99 for Coupes/Sedans
  • $350.99 for SUV/Trucks

The Extras

  • GlassParency (+$50)
  • Headlight/Taillight Revive (+$50)
  • Exterior Wax+Tire Shine(+$35)
  • HydroSilex Ceramic Recharge+Silica Tire Shine (+$50)
  • Graphene Spray Coating (+$100)
  • Ceramic Pro Sport (+$200)
  • Engine Bay Detail (+$35)
  • Carpet/Seat Shampoo (+$60)
  • Leather Seat Decontamination (+$75)
  • Light Scratch Removal
  • Professional Pictures for Resale/Garage Lighting Pictures ($40)
    (Pricing subject to change depending on vehicle/overall condition of the vehicle.)

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