The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast Package

Mark’s 2018 PASNY Built Subaru STi

This Airlift v3 Equipped Full Bolt-On STi is a perfect example of an Enthusiast’s Car.

Starting at $899.99, this package includes

  • 1-Step Paint Correction
  • Ceramic Pro Sport
  • Wheels off Ceramic Coating
  • Interior Steam Clean/Rug Shampoo
  • Engine Bay Detail
  • Front Window GlassParency
  • Exhaust Polishing
  • Garage Lighting Photoshoot

2014 Mitsubishi Evolution X

This Evo came in and was in need of loving. Moss and Pine needles were all scattered across this Wicked White Mitsubishi paint. This needed a 2-Step correction to bring back its luster and every crevice of this car was steam cleaned to remove all of the moss/pine needles. Finally 35% tints were applied to finish up this Enthusiast’s Evo!

Additional Add-Ons

  • Tints (+$275)
  • 2-Step Correction (+$400)
  • Roof Wrap/Hood Wrap (+$250)
  • Full Car GlassParency (+$75)
  • Caliper Painting (+$250)
  • Interior Steering Wheel/Front Seats/Center Console Ceramic Coating (+$200)
  • Upgrade to Ceramic Pro Top Coat 2 Year (+$375)

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